Holiday Pie & Cake Collection

Order Now, Pay When You Pickup. Pre-Order a cake or pie for your Christmas, Festivus, Kwanzaa, or New Year’s Brew-Ha-Ha dessert table! We are featuring three incredible cakes. We make hundreds of cakes this time of year, so please place your order as soon as you can!

Peppermint Smash Fudge Cake

peppermint-smash-fudge-cake-4Sure to be a smash-hit!

Topped with Peppermint Candy Pieces, this cake has Peppermint Frozen Custard layered with Ganache on a homemade Chocolate Cookie Crust with Whipped Cream. Contains gluten. Gluten-free available by request.
Medium: $20.95
Large: $28.95


Bailey’s Brownie Mocha Cake

Dogwood Coffee & Irish Cream Custard

We pull fresh Neon Espresso roasted by Dogwood Coffee and use real Bailey’s Irish Cream to make the custard that we layer with Chocolate Truffle Flakes and ganache on a Brownie Base. Contains gluten and alcohol (21+).
Medium: $22.95
Large: $32.95


Cocoa Luxe Cake


Four different kinds of chocolate

This is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. We start with dense chocolate cake, layer chocolate custard, and an in-house chocolate crumble. We top it off with a layer of vanilla custard and chocolate ganache. Contains gluten.
Medium: $20.95


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