Hey there! If you’ve visited the newly opened Food Shed Co-op in McHenry County, you might have spotted something special – that’s right, it’s us, Julie Ann’s frozen custard! We’re beyond excited to offer a wide range of our delicious products right here at the Co-op. From our classic and dairy-free frozen custard pints to our irresistible Julie bars, we’ve got something to delight every taste bud.

You might think the Food Shed appeared out of nowhere, but this fantastic cooperative has been in the works since late 2013. Their mission? To increase access to healthy food options and promote a healthy lifestyle within our community. We decided to join forces with the Food Shed in 2018 because we share that same passion for providing healthy, locally sourced food.

We’re not stopping there! We’ve got big plans to deepen our relationship with the Co-op, with fun events and exciting collaborations on the horizon. But for now, why not visit The Shed? Stop by the Co-op, grab a frozen treat, and enjoy shopping for local goods for your family or friends.

At Julie Ann’s, we offer a wholesale program that enables local businesses to purchase from us at our wholesale prices. Several local businesses, including Dukes, The Cottage, 1776, and Lebemis, source our products through our wholesale program. We also partner with local churches, the Crystal Lake Park District, Barrington High School, and numerous other community groups. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if our wholesale program is suitable for you and your business!

To learn more about the Food Shed and their mission, click here. Come find us at the Co-op and make every visit a delicious adventure with Julie Ann’s!