Hey there, ice cream lovers! Get ready to crack up with excitement because our new Crackle Shake is here, and it’s our most interactive shake yet! We start by coating the inside of our shake cups with our homemade dark hardening chocolate, crafted from the finest dark chocolate. Then, we pop the cups into the flash freezer to create a delicious, crunchy chocolate shell.

Once the shell is perfectly hardened, we whip up your shake in your favorite flavor: vanilla, chocolate, banana, or strawberry. But wait, there’s more! We drizzle even more hardening chocolate on top for an extra layer of chocolatey goodness.

Here’s the fun part – when you get your shake, give the cup a squeeze and listen as the chocolate shell crackles and breaks, adding yummy chunks to your already incredible drink! It’s a fun and delicious experience you won’t want to miss.

Trust us, this is the shake you definitely don’t want to miss out on! So swing by soon, grab a Crackle Shake, and get cracking because these are only here for a limited time!