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Julie Ann’s Barista Menu

A collaboration made in the Midwest with Rishi Tea + Colectivo Coffee. Fair trade ingredients, local dairy, organic coffee, organic tea + botanicals, single origin chocolate… these are inspired desserts crafted by your new favorite baristas at Julie Ann’s.

We now have Colectivo Dream Harder organic decaf coffee for you night-owls that can be substituted for any item. Keep in mind that if you order an affogato curbside, we put the espresso on the side so that you can pour it over when you are ready!

A big thanks to Karen + Molly from Colectivo Coffee and Seth from Rishi Tea Company for helping us make this offering a reality. Now let’s checkout some of our favorite items from the menu…


Masala Chai Shake

Rishi Masala Chai Tea, Vanilla Custard or Dairy Free, Whipped Cream and Cinnamon. Make it DIRTY with a shot of Colectivo Espresso for $1 more.

Tie Dye Lemonade Shake

Rishi Butterfly Pea Flower + Hibiscus Mulberry Mangosteen Powder, Passionfruit Amla Gotu Kola Powder, Lemon Extract, Turmeric Extract and Vanilla Custard or Dairy Free. Changes from blue to purple due to the citric acid in the lemon juice reacting to the Butterfly Pea Powder.

Mint Matcha Shake

Mint, Rishi Barista Matcha, Vanilla Custard or Dairy Free.

Affogato Sundaes

Broken Bar Salted Caramel Affogato

Askinosie Broken Dark Chocolate Bars, Vanilla Custard, Salted Caramel and Espresso.

Extra Dark Mocha Affogato

Made in House Hardening Chocolate, Fresh Chocolate Custard and Colectivo Espresso.

Raspberry Mocha Affogato

Raspberries in Juice, Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Custard or Dairy Free and Espresso.

Mud Pie in the Sky Affogato

Oreo® Cookies, Salted Caramel, Fresh Vanilla Custard and Two Shots of Colectivo Blue Heeler.

Dirty Chai Affogato

Rishi Masala Chai Tea, Single Shot Colectivo Espresso, Fresh Vanilla Custard or Dairy Free, Fresh Whipped Cream and Ground Cinnamon.

Coffee Toffee Affogato

Locally Baked T’s Toffee, Fresh Vanilla Custard or Dairy Free and Colectivo Espresso.

Espresso Brownie Fudge Affogato

Fudgy Brownie, Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Vanilla Custard or Dairy Free and Colectivo Espresso.

Download the Full Barista Menu!

We have more items than listed. Download the .PDF version of this menu to print at home or easily share with a friend or two. Thanks for looking!

*Thanks to Crystal Lake photographer Emily Feeney for taking these photos. We appreciate it.