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25 10, 2018

Bada Bing Black Forest Cake


This bodacious cake will have you saying forget about it in no time! We hand dip "Bada Bing" cherries in dark chocolate and place them unto layers of vanilla, cherry topping, chocolate, and chocolate cake. Make anyone who dare takes your chocolate covered cherry disappear...

Bada Bing Black Forest Cake2018-12-08T12:21:31-05:00
2 07, 2018

Tom’s Farm + Daily Projects + Julie Ann’s 4 Home of the Sparrow


We teamed up with the best farm in McHenry County, Daily Project's Cafe, and Home of the Sparrow to bring the best that Visit McHenry County has to offer. It's a Strawberry Festival, complete with some amazing local favs.

Tom’s Farm + Daily Projects + Julie Ann’s 4 Home of the Sparrow2018-12-08T12:21:57-05:00
14 02, 2018

Us (Julie Ann’s) vs. You (Our Beloved Customers) “Flavor-Off”


Check-out our lineup for Valentine’s Day! We have three flavors that will make you swoon for Frozen Custard. We have one for the ladies, one for the guys, and one to share. Should make for a fantastic after-dinner treat, a romantic movie sweet, or a casual friendly meet-up.

Us (Julie Ann’s) vs. You (Our Beloved Customers) “Flavor-Off”2018-03-24T17:04:33-05:00
6 12, 2017

Turtle Supreme Cake


Salty pecans, sweet caramel, and rich chocolate ganache are sandwiched between layers of vanilla custard.

Turtle Supreme Cake2018-12-08T12:22:54-05:00
6 12, 2017

Brownie Supreme Cake


Woodstock’s own Swiss Maid bakery's fudgy brownies with a thin layer of chocolate ganache and vanilla custard.

Brownie Supreme Cake2018-12-08T12:23:04-05:00
6 12, 2017

Ethereal Red Raspberry Cake


This cool cake features a single origin chocolate from Honduras made by our friends at Ethereal Chocolates in Woodstock, IL. Chocolate and vanilla custard is layered with seedless raspberry preserves and our homemade cookie crumble crust provides a crunchy foundation for this decadent dessert.

Ethereal Red Raspberry Cake2018-12-08T12:23:18-05:00
6 12, 2017

Salted Caramel Cocoa Crumble Cake


Homemade chocolate cookie crumble and a thin layer of chocolate custard, topped with a vanilla custard mixed with salted caramel and chocolate cookie crumble.

Salted Caramel Cocoa Crumble Cake2018-12-08T12:23:31-05:00
6 12, 2017

Cocoa Luxe Cake


Dense chocolate cake, rich chocolate ganache, and our homemade chocolate cookie crumble layered with chocolate and vanilla custard.

Cocoa Luxe Cake2018-12-08T12:23:41-05:00
12 10, 2017

Frozen Custard Sandwiches


Black Raspberry Fudge Sandwiches , Devil's Food Cake Cookies, Frozen Cookie Dough Due Basi Sandwiches, Frozen Custard Sandwiches, Fudgy Mint Chip Sandwiches, Julie Ann's

Frozen Custard Sandwiches2018-12-08T12:23:54-05:00